Three Reasons To Love Manual Gearboxes

There may be an undeniable shift towards automatic transmissions, but drivers who only consider automatics may be missing out.

Clued-up drivers know that there are many things to love about a good manual – here are our favourite three.



1.They are fun to drive


Some people see driving purely as being functional – getting from A to B safely, but we also believe there should be an element of enjoyment – especially if you are spending many hours in the car each week.

Enjoyment doesn’t mean driving fast, but it does mean feeling engaged in the experience and gears are key to this. The feel of changing gears, selecting the right one, the grip and drive available. 

If you are an experienced driver, you don’t need us to try to describe the feel of a great manual transmission, you know it. Even the clunkier transmissions have their charm once you are used to them –  a charm that you are unlikely to get from an automatic.

There are many relatively cheap manual transmissions that are more engaging to drive than automatics on cars that cost five times as much.


2. They may be cheaper both to buy and repair


There are some bargains to be had on manual transmission cars and this will only continue to be the case.

Some drivers are becoming a tad obsessed with automatics – or may not have a licence to drive a manual – and so some manuals being sold maybe don’t have the competition from buyers they might deserve. The bargains on the car-buying sites are often among the quality used manuals.

Repairs are often also that bit less expensive – of course this will vary depending on the fault, the gearbox and more, but the complexity of automatics can make repairs that bit more costly.

Of course, if you are in need of gearbox repairs please do contact us as we can provide an obligation-free quote for repair or also refurbished replacement.

For those on a budget – and let’s face it most of us are! – manuals are often the place to start your search.


3. Modern-day manuals are amazing


While many manufacturers may be cutting back on the production of manuals, that is not to say quality has dropped – quite the opposite in fact.

The research and development is still amazing and each manual builds on what has gone before. The manuals produced today are, generally speaking, of a quality that surpasses anything from the past – after all, design and innovation is learning from what has gone before.

In years to come, there might be less choice for those who want manuals – especially if you want a brand new car – but the quality will still be there.

If you want a car that is affordable, great to drive and has superb reliability then you want to be thinking about manuals every bit as much as automatics.



At North West Transmissions we repair gearboxes or source replacement with guaranteed refurbished units.

A family-run business, we have a truly superb reputation, this shown by our 4.9 out of 5 average rating from dozens of reviews on Google.

All reconditioned gearboxes come with guarantees for 12 months or 12,000 miles while reconditioned automatic units come with a re-manufactured torque converter that has a lifetime guarantee.

Our technicians are all highly skilled with vast experience in reconditioning and repairing all units – importantly their efficiency helps cut down the price of repairs and so too the cost.

Gearbox problems are all-too-common. If you find yourself in need of a repair or reconditioned unit, that often being the more economical option in the long term, please contact us.

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