How To Check For Car Recalls – Including Gearboxes

Given the overwhelming bad news we have lived through in 2020, you would be forgiven for having missed it, but a few months ago there was a news story relating to gearboxes.

Across the globe, tens of thousands of gearboxes had been found to be faulty and recall notices had been issued. 

This recall notice affected Volkswagen, Audi and Skoda cars with the DSG Dual Clutch automatic.

We covered this news here on NWT and also let people know that the recall did not impact UK cars – bar any imported with this form of gearbox. Other sources seemingly forgetting this important bit of information!

Similar recalls have been seen in the past – there are articles from 2013 that focus on a similar recall that impacted cars in Europe but no the UK.

On any given day, if you Google ‘gearbox recall’ (admittedly not something you are likely to do) you will see recent recalls across a range of makes, some of which may affect the UK.

However, how can any driver be certain that their car is not subject to a recall notice relating to their gearbox or other key part?

The registered owner should always be sent a letter detailing any recall information, this will also have details of the severity of the problem and information on how to rectify. Typically, this will be to arrange for a fix at an approved dealer.

What, though, if the letter fails to arrive or is simply lost amidst the pile of junk and circulars? 

One approach is to search for your make and model and enter gearbox recall (so a search such as Ford Focus gearbox recall UK) but this will bring up thousands of irrelevant results. 

You could spend hours sifting through the noise, trying to work out if there is a current issue.

Check For Recalls – Step By Step

A far better approach is to use the Government Gateway’s excellent tool, this enables you to see if any vehicle has a recall notice – even if it won’t necessarily tell you what the recall is for.

Head to the Vehicle checking site and then enter the registration number. 

On the results page, you will see MOT details, but also a heading entitled ‘outstanding vehicle recalls’.

Expand this and then hit the link to check if there are outstanding recalls.

We tried this with the registration of a vehicle that we knew to have an outstanding recall and it worked smoothly. It holds us to contact a dealership for this make of car to arrange for repairs.


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