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Manual Gearboxes

Manual GearboxesWhat is a manual gearbox?

A manual gearbox is a device that allows the engine to operate in its narrow range of speeds while providing a wide range of output speeds.

This range of output speeds are achieved by use of a geartrain of different ratios which are manually selectable through the use of a Clutch Pedal and Gear Stick.

Manual transmissions are specifically used in sports cars, since they are typically more efficient than automatic transmissions, thus allowing a greater proportion of the engine’s power to be used, and because they give drivers the greatest possible degree of control over the operation of the vehicle’s power train. To reduce costs, and also to compensate for smaller engines, manual transmissions are also commonly chosen for compact cars.

The vast majority of cars equipped with manual transmissions employ a five-speed gearbox, although some four-speed cars still exist, and six-speed units are becoming more common on performance-oriented cars.

Why use our manual gearboxes?

We only use gearboxes reconditioned to the highest standards, which are built to the highest industry standard by our trained technicians. We offer a 12 month or 12000 mile parts and labour warranty*.

Find out more at; http://auto.howstuffworks.com/transmission.htm

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