Do you remember the Hydra Matic?

Do you remember the Hydra Matic?

That; probably a question for our older readers, but a few of you might be in the know. The Hydra Matic really was a thing of wonder, it was the first automatic transmission in a car.

It is not a transmission we have worked on – we could have a go if you do need one fixing.

But, more likely, like us you will just be intrigued.

Below are a few great videos that give an insight into the Hydra Matic. We particularly like the first video, a short promotional piece. It doesn’t show the car pulling away, instead you see it stopped, and then when into motion. We suspect it may have been a tad on the jerky side.

The poor actress probably put in a claim for whiplash.

Still, developing the first automatic and making it affordable enough to be an option even worthy of consideration was a remarkable achievement.

The other videos go into a bit more detail, providing more of a sense of what it was like to drive this a car with the Hydra Matic transmission.