Formula 1 to use single gearbox provider?

At North West Transmissions we have repaired and replaced gearboxes for pretty much every make and model you can imagine.

Every day, we work with gearboxes all day long. There is not much we haven’t seen.

However, we have yet to have the gearbox of a Formula 1 car sent our way – though we would welcome the challenge.

To us, it would be a delight to get an F1 gearbox in, but for the F1 teams themselves are the gearboxes becoming an expensive annoyance?

We were intrigued by a recent story suggesting that all F1 cars could have a common gearbox, the reasoning being that the gearbox and transmission is an expensive element to develop and yet is not a performance differentiator. All the teams are paying the same huge outlay for no relative benefit.

And for some teams this is worse than others, those who are facing a change in circumstance. Aston Martin, which for years has bought in gearboxes from other manufacturers is facing having to develop its own F1 transmission team from scratch.

“If you look at the gearbox these days, and you compare it with other motorsport categories, the gearbox is not a performance differentiator anymore,” said Aston team principal Mike Krack.

“Everybody has more or less the same performance from the gearbox. But the cost for gearboxes is horrendous, especially if you compare it to other categories.”

More on this interesting story can be found on the MSN site.


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