Learn to drive a manual – save money

Is learning to drive a car with a manual transmission as opposed to an automatic only a way for younger drivers to save a significant amount on their insurance?

As those who have looked to renew their insurance of late might have noticed, the cost of coverage for drivers has jumped. And, for any you g driver, or those looking to put their children on to cover this in only more noticeable.

Many are facing price hikes of hundreds, for some it is a four-figure rise.

However, the price hikes seem to often be worse for those who can only drive an automatic and are seeking cover on this type of car.

Reasons behind this might be cost of repair, and the complexity of many electric and hybrid vehicles. There is a feeling that we are all paying for the high cost of repair for certain cars.

Against this, many manuals appeal to the insurers. They are more of a known quantity, and the repairs are less costly when things go wrong.

This creates an interesting contrast. The drive from manufacturers is towards ditching the manuals and going automatic only. Many young drivers and those learning naturally look to learn on automatics – after all, what’s the pinot learning on a manual if manuals will be almost a collector’s piece in 10 years’ time.

But, if a manual is far less costly to insure, especially for a young driver, then does this make them compelling? A saving of hundreds of pounds seems appealing.

It is not that insurance on manuals is cheap, or even that the cost isn’t rising, it is more that compared to the cost of insuring an automatic it is becoming ever-more attractive.

Compare the Market has found that the average cost to insure an automatic is £760 more than for a manual for drivers under the age of 25.

The overall price is staggering, at an average of around £3,000 per year. For those just starting in their careers, and facing an overall cost of living crisis, this is a debilitating expense. An ability to cut it by close to £1,000 does not make the cover cheap, but it does at least make it not quite so financially awful.



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