Want an affordable car with manual transmission? Here are some options

As gearbox repair experts, if we were to recommend cars you might think we had an ulterior motive.

That would be unfair, but we know that us Brits can be a tad cynical.

So, instead, we are happy to share with you the 10 manuals for £10k that the Top Gear site has found and would wish to share.


It’s a good list.

In talent show style, we believe they are in no particular order.

There is the Honda Civic Type R (EP3). As they say, this had to be on the list, and they found great examples with fewer than 80,000 miles on the clock.

To some, 80k miles might sound a lot, but a well-looked-after Civic can cruise through this sort of mileage without any issue.

A flashier option is the Porsche Boxter 987. A Porsche for £10,000 – and a good one at that too? Got to be worth considering!

This is an early model Boxster, and it may have a few miles on the clock, but Porsche gearboxes are often absolute gems. Put the roof down and cruise – a driver’s delight.

Two from Ford are the Fiesta ST and Puma.

The Puma is a divisive car, some love the style others, well, let’s just say don’t quite so much.

For £10,000 you will get a near-new Puma, though you can also get a very good one for well below this price point.

You’ll be getting a very good ST too, that front grill making this look a pretty imposing small car – like a fierce house cat. It growls too.

Mini Cooper S. We have mentioned Mini a few times in this blog of late, they are doing great work to try and preserve the manual, at times it feels almost like a campaign by them. Perhaps it is.

Around the £10,000 price will get you a fairyl new Mini Copper S – and a few jealous looks.

Next is the Honda S2000. Top Gear says this has one of the best manual gearboxes of all time and we would have to agree. In fact, it is a gearbox we see rarely as it doesn’t go wrong all too often.

You will only get a model with around 100,000 miles on the clock for this price, but then that isn’t a huge issue given the reliability.

Kia Picanto

Not the biggest of engines, but you can at least get a car almost brand new at this price. Whether manual or automatic, you’re not going to get all that much power when you have 66bhp and a three-cylinder engine.

Renault Clio 200

Top Gear suggests that Renault’s decision to ditch the manual from the Clio range was what led to the downfall of this car.

They may have a point. The manual is a throwback, not quite to the adverts of Papa and Nicole, but still to a time when this was a better car – in our opinion. You will get a good model for £10,000.

Peugeot 306 GTI-6

You will need almost every penny of your £10k to get a 1990s car. That seems a lot to us, but this was an iconic car and you could pick up a well-looked-after model with under 60k miles on the clock. Some of the colours were pretty funky too.

Mazda MX-5

Of course the Mazda MX-5 makes the list. A low mileage 2-litre option can be found for under £10,000 – there will also be cheaper Mazda MX5 options, but check the bodywork.


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