Another Sign That Manuals Won’t Die Any Time Soon!

As leading specialists in gearbox and transmission repair and refurbishment, we take a greater interest in news about manual gearboxes than most.

We have nothing against automatic transmissions but we do believe that having a choice is welcome. It would certainly be a shame if the manual were to die out completely, not least when so many drivers still prefer them.


We always love to see signs that manuals are fighting back, that the move to autos only may not happen, or at least not happen quite so quickly.

The biggest sign of this is manufacturers changing plans. The changes might only be small at first, but they signify a willingness to at least reconsider. If they change one model, they make manuals available for one car in their range where previously the plan was to have only automatics, then they may consider further changes.

The weight of public opinion is powerful and ultimately it is not in manufacturers’ interests to completely ditch the manual if this is to alienate many potential buyers.

One recent interesting piece of news was the suggestion that BMW is looking to relent and make a manual version of their Z4 M40i.

Now, this is a car that is already great and the eight-speed automatic considered to deliver a stunning drive. However, a six-speed manual was also predicted only to then be nowhere to be found.

But, those with deep pockets will be pleased to learn that as of 2024 this may change.

We are quoting second-hand information here, but reports that came out of the BMW Blog state that insiders have confirmed that the six-speed manual is likely to be launched. If anyone should know, then a blog specifically on BMW news would be a good contender.

Sales wise, this won’t do much to buck the trend of the shift to autos, the M40i is not a mass-market car and only a fraction will be sold as manuals. However, it puts pressure on other manufacturers competing against this vehicle and if BMW puts renewed focus into manuals then this will further impact the entire industry.

To create a six-speed manual it is likely that relatively little work is required as a BMW-derived manual of similar size is already used in the Toyota Supra. A solution is likely to be near ready to go, this perhaps making it all the more surprising the manual wasn’t available at launch.

Hopefully if the manual does hit the roads it will be a reliable and welcome variant. Much as we’d love to welcome one into our facility for some work, they really shouldn’t need replacement or refurbishment of the gearbox any time soon.

Still, future owners, maybe bookmark our site just in case!



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