Ford Adds New Gearboxes to Hybrid Models

Ford typically sell more new cars than any other make in the UK and individual models also feature prominently in the top 10 of sales.

It is true to say that what Ford does matters; where they lead others will likely follow if only because Ford are large enough to set trends on their own.

Equally, it is true to say that as a mass market brand, Ford rarely go out on a limb. They spot trends as they happen and then factor them in just as they are about to reach mass popularity, ensuring they remain a top seller.

Recently, this pattern has extended to them adding new gearbox options across some of their hybrid models, models that are certain to be huge sellers for years to come.

The Fiesta and Puma mild hybrids will soon have the same seven-speed dual-clutch automatic as the standard petrol models already offer.

This development is interesting as it is as the crossing point between two trends – the growing popularity of hybrids, of which mild hybrids are the entry point into the market for many, and the shift towards automatic gearboxes.

As we have mentioned previously in this blog, there is an ongoing, self-fulfilling move towards automatics becoming ever more popular. As more families embrace automatics, so too the next generation of learners have lessons on automatics, and the pattern is set.

Ford have stated that these new gearboxes coupled with hybrid technology offer performance enhancements, the Puma for instance several per cent faster in terms of acceleration compared to the non-hybrid version.

While it used to be the case that many drivers felt automatics were less fun to drive and certainly offered reduced performance, Ford suggest that these new models have technology that negates this. Media reports suggest a ‘triple downshift’; can be automatically performed when the engine is under heavy load, this making for faster acceleration and overtaking.

The details of fuel economy we have seen are fairly unremarkable, though the fact that the new models come with adaptive cruise control and the ability to regulate speed in traffic automatically will appeal to many who do city centre driving.

However, we are not here to sell new Fords – they do a good enough job of that themselves!

Trend Setters?

It is the trends we are more interested in and changes to gearboxes.

One aspect to watch with these new models is how Ford will differentiate between markets. For the Puma, it is expected, Autoexpress reports, that this new powertrain will be rolled out across the range, perhaps with the exception of the sporty ST model.

However, for the Fiesta, they predict, the change will be restricted to top-of-the-range models.

This fits with patterns seen by manufacturers such as Mercedes, who are switching to fully automatic, whilst this is not the case for more affordable car brands.

Even within the field of hybrid cars, a divide may be developing between those that are only available as automatics and those where manual options are possible, or even favoured.

Hopefully, whatever the trend, it will be a few years until these gearboxes start coming our way for repair or refurbishment; if they come to us in large numbers it would suggest serious reliability issues. This would be a surprise for Ford developed technology.

In the meantime, we will stay across the many gearboxes that do require repair and refurbishment, these automatic and manual and for all makes and models.


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