Huge Gearbox Recall – But UK Cars Unaffected

Several UK newspaper recently ran a story detailing a huge recall by Audi, Skoda and Volkswagen because of concerns about the gearboxes in a wide range of their vehicles.

The recall covered some 80,000 cars built between 2008 and 2016 with the impact of the fault hugely worrying, leading to potential and sudden power outtages.

The models affected were dual-clutch transmissions marked DSG.

The papers carried all this information and then, after a few hundred more words, pointed out a fairly crucial fact. The models affected aren’t in the UK, they are Australian and south-east Asian cars.

If you’ve imported a Skoda, Audi or VW from that region in the past 13 years then you might have an issue that requires a recall, otherwise you have nothing to worry about.

We won’t focus on this particular recall any more, it was an example of certain newspapers playing on natural fears – run a headline that says thousands of popular cars have a key issue, only later on mention that the cars affected are thousands of miles away.

The Crucial Importance Of Gearboxes

What the story does highlight though is the crucial part gearboxes play in a car’s continual running. This might seem an obvious point to make, but it is a reminder that when a gearbox develops faults it can have dangerous consequences, including the sudden loss of all power.

Large recalls are of course rare but more run of the mill issues with gearboxes affect many thousands of drivers each and every year.

For these issues, when there is no manufacturer-wide recall, a true gearbox specialist is required.

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About NWT

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Major recalls are rare, but gearbox problems are all-too common. If you find yourself in need of a repair or reconditioned unit, that often being the more economical option in the long term, please contact us.

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