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Titanium Supercar A Reality

Technology is moving quicker than ever. We seem to have a new gadget on vehicles every year. However, the focus is usually on technology of the digital variety, so it’s good to see such a basic and fundamental difference for a change. Although in the case of the Icona Volcano, the difference in question is unlikely to be mainstream any time soon.



This particular supercar started life as a concept at the 2013 Shanghai Motor Show. Now it is a fully fledged road going car. It’s being billed as the world’s first ever Titanium car. Titanium has been used for many years in commercial airplanes and military vehicles.



The automotive industry has been a slow adopter of the tough metal, largely because of the cost. We have seen some manufacturers use it for small components on their high end sports cars, but little else.



The one pictured here is the only one in existence so far. This is perhaps because of the £2.1 million price tag. The price tag is down to far more than just the use of titanium. They apparently invest 10,000 hours of time hand crafting the vehicle, and refer to its form as a sculpture. I strongly suspect you have to use language like that when asking for over two million quid for a car.



They also claim the Volcano is much more than just a looker. The top end is claimed to be 220mph, impressive by any standards. We’re also pretty sure the interior will be finished with an opulence to match the body.



What do you think of the car, is it a looker or not? If you were the Sultan of Brunei would you buy it? The front end looks like a cross between a Ferrari and a Lexus LFA, while the rear puts us in mind of a TVR. the only thing I know for sure is I wont be buying one anytime soon!